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Packets without staples

by Kathleen Houlihan

At our facility, youth are not allowed to have access to staples, because of repeated attempts to self-injure using staples removed from books and handouts. We often have packets of information to hand out to groups we work with, but struggled to figure out a safe way to bind the materials without using a metal fastener. Then we happened upon a tutorial for a staple-less solution (I've lost the original link, but here's my tutorial). Enjoy!

need scissors and paper to bind

fold corner of paper packet over towards back

Cut two straight lines partway into the fold, about 1/2 an inch apart

each cut should be 3/4 of an inch or so

fold the little tab you've created in half

and push it back a little

So it sticks out of both sides of the paper packet evenly

now fold it in half again so the ends fold over the front and back of the packet, this is really hard to describe

this is what the final packets look like

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