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Nominations That Did Not Make The 2015 ITM Official List

These books were nominated but did not make our official 2015 list. Included below are nominations with our original annotations. There may be some or many books on this list that work for your kids. The fact that they didn’t make our list doesn’t mean there aren’t some awesome books here, just that they didn’t meet our charge.  Here are some of the reasons these books didn’t make our list:

  • received so-so, non-existent or negative teen feedback from more than one site
  • false advertising  - i.e. the cover did not match the interior of the book in terms of what our kids are primarily interested in
  • false adverstising - cover uses jail, prison or people of color but the book isn't really about that
  • negative or racial stereotypes in the book including minor characters,
  • moralistic
  • needs editing
  • not a fit for our population
  • not enough action in the book for reluctant readers
  • from the perspective of a white character that includes racial stereotyping that is not addressed or not adequately addressed
  • white protagonists are not named as to the color of their skin but people of color are

Aust, Patricia HShelter. Luminis. May 2014. 200p. HC $19.95. ISBN 9781935462996. PB $11.95. ISBN 9781935462002. Miguel and his family escape his abusive father to live in a battered women's shelter. When his father promises to change his ways, Miguel finds that it isn't so simple to cut family ties. 

Chappell, Crissa-Jean. More Than Good Enough. Flux. January 2014. 216p. PB $8.99. ISBN 9780738736440. Trent doesn’t fit in on the Rez with his dad, who just got out of jail, or with his mom, who dumped him, but he does fit with Pippa. Will her acceptance be enough to help him realize that it’s enough to just be himself?

Dragon, Laura Roach. Hurricane Boy. Pelican. March 2014. 160p. PB $8.95. ISBN 9781455619160.When their broken family is left homeless and separated from their sick grandmother, siblings must struggle to stay together after Hurricane Katrina. 

Flores-Scott, Patrick. Jumped In. Henry Holt. August 2013. 304p. HC $16.99. ISBN 9780805095142. PB $9.99. ISBN 9781250053985. What happens when the toughest gang member makes you his partner to write poetry in English class? 

Jacobs, Evan. Self Destructed. Saddleback. May 2014. 254p. HC $20.80. ISBN 9780606361521. PB $9.95. ISBN 9781622507221. Michael's crush on Ashley leads him to bring a gun to school. 

Jones, Patrick. Bridge. Darby Creek. August 2014. 96p. HC $27.99. ISBN 9781467739030. PB $7.95. ISBN 9781467744829. José’s life just got harder when his dad has a medical emergency and lands in jail.

Jones, Patrick. Controlled. Darby Creek. August 2014. 112p. HC $27.99. ISBN 9781467739023. PB $7.95. ISBN 9781467744836. Misty is out of control, especially since her mother just died. But it's nothing new - except to Rachel, her cousin. Because now Misty is moving in with Rachel and taking over. Drama, trouble and just possibly, good girl Rachel going bad.  

Jones, Patrick. Outburst. Darby Creek. August 2014. 104p. HC $27.93. ISBN 9781467739016 PB$7.95. ISBN 9781467744843. Jada is in trouble yet again for her inability to control her anger, but this time she puts her mother in the hospital by punching her in the face and breaking her jaw. 

Jones, Patrick. Target. Darby Creek. August 2014. 128p. HC $27.99. ISBN 9781467739009. PB $7.95. ISBN 9781467744850. Native American Frankie's trying to leave the gang and start new at Rondo High. His mom moved so that he would get away from the negative influences he had before. His dad's in prison and is egging him on to take revenge, and his cousins are in his new neighborhood doing the same. What will Frankie do? 

Kuehn, Stephanie. Complicit. St. Martin’s Griffin. June 2014. 256p. HC $19.95. ISBN 9781250044594. Jamie has tried hard to fit in with his adoptive parents, but his sister hasn’t done anything but get into trouble, finally landing in jail for attempted murder. Now she’s out, and Jamie is sure she’s coming for him.  

Lippert-Martin, Kristen. Tabula Rasa. Egmont. September 2014. 352p. HC $17.99. ISBN 9781606845189. After a disaster at the medical facility where she lives, Sarah must run and fight for her life, and as her memories return, she realizes that she has been the victim of medical experimentation and has a past as a teen vigilante hero. 

Morgan, Kass. The 100. September 2013. Little, Brown. 336p. HC $18.00. ISBN 9780316234474. PB $10.00. ISBN 9780316234498. One hundred teens, chosen to return to Earth after nuclear war has exiled humanity to life on spaceships, have one thing in common: criminal pasts. Given no choice, they face a dangerous world and a more dangerous enemy – each other.

Nelson, Blake. The Prince of Venice Beach. Little, Brown. June 2014. 240p. HC $18.00. ISBN 9780316230483. Cali uses his street smarts to work undercover and help other runaways in Venice Beach.  

Neri, GKnockout Games. Carolrhoda. August 2014. 304p. HC $17.95. ISBN 9781467732697. New girl Erica not only finds herself part of a knockout games gang, but becomes romantically involved with the Knockout King, Kalvin, who manipulates her for his own purposes.  

Samms, OliviaSnitch. Skyscape. April 2014. 256p. PB $9.99. ISBN 9781477847237. Bea is haunted by the bad choices she has made in the past, as well as by her 'gift,' to look into a person's eyes and see if they are telling the truth. Will she use her 'gift' to help the police solve a murder?


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