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In the Margins Book Award & Selection Committee

In the Margins strives to find the best books for teens living in poverty, on the streets, in custody - or a cycle of all three. 

Our 2015 List will be announced on 2/4/15 and 2/18/15! Watch for it here! 

This year, we are announcing the award portion of our list. One book was chosen as the best FICTION and one book was chosen as the best NON FICTION book. The winners of the 2015 In the Margins Fiction and Non Fiction award are:  

We also chose a Top Ten! ITM 2015 Top Ten 

This year we are also announcing our Advocacy Awards. One winning title and annotated list will be posted here on 2/18.  

For our 2015 list, we considered over xxxx titles. 56 titles were nominated for the list, 7 of which were considered for the Advocacy Award.  

34 titles made our  2015 ITM Official List.  

xxx of our titles are unique to our  list.  xxx are also highlighted as nominees or are awards for other lists.  Why didn't these 15 titles make the list? 

2015 Committee • 2015 Nominations 

Mission & Committee Charge

The 2015 committee is now OPEN. WE HAVE FOUR OPENINGS FOR NEXT YEAR!  TERM TO BEGIN FEB, 2015. Please fill out the application to be considered for the committee beginning in February, 2015.   Committee membership & requirements including our nomination and voting process. 

Access to Wiki/Book discussions: If you are a librarian (or person) serving youth in custody and would like access to the wiki in order to read the discussions about up and coming titles, request access here. Please provide your name and where you work in order to be granted access.  

Nominate a title for the 2016 List.  Titles nominated by non-committee members must be seconded by a committee member. We will look at all nominated titles.


For our 2014 list, we considered over 200 titles. 30 titles made our  ITM Official Nominations List 2014.  25 titles made our  ITM 2014 List We also chose a Top Ten! ITM Top Ten 2014.  12 of our titles are unique to our list, and 13 are also highlighted as nominees or are awards for other lists. Are these the Best of the best? 

2014 Founding Committee   

For more information, contact Amy Cheney 

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