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LSYC Structure & Membership

Ratified at Fall 2012 LSYC General Membership Meeting, 12/5/12,


LSYC operates under a tiered structure, with each tier representing a different level of time commitment to doing organizational work. Members are welcome to join at any level of commitment, but the higher levels require the support of the rest of the membership.

Tier 1: Logistics Team = A team of 3-5 members nominated each year by the membership to coordinate LSYC activities, including meetings, conferences, etc. Logistics team members serve 1-3 year terms and may be nominated for multiple terms.  Members of the logistics team should be representative of the larger membership of LSYC and no single organization of employment should have a majority on the team.

Tier 2: Coordinators = Individuals from each committee who are selected to handle logistics for their committee, coordinate activities, and attend all LSYC membership meetings as a representative of their committee (or to arrange for an alternate to represent their committee if they are unable to attend).  Each committee decides how they will determine who their coordinator is (election, consensus, rotating, length of term, etc).

Tier 3: Committee Members = Each project or work area of LSYC has a corresponding committee. Members wishing to work on an LSYC project should become members of the committee.  Members may propose a new committee at LSYC meetings. LSYC as a whole must OK each new committee as supporting the goals of LSYC as a whole. Once approved, each committee determines among themselves how they will operate, what their goals are, how they will make decisions, etc.  Committees may be formed for long-term needs, like the website, or for a short-term project, like writing a mission statement. Committee members are encouraged to attend all LSYC meetings.

Tier 4: General Members = Anyone who works in the field of juvenile correctional librarianshipp or has an interest in the field is welcome to join LSYC, gaining full access to the LSYC website and an invitation to take part in LSYC meetings. Membership in ALA or any associated organization is not required for LSYC membership, except in the case of the ASCLA interest group which requires ALA membership and ASCLA membership after the 1st year.

Decision Making:

Each committee may determine on their own how they would like to make decisions about their project area.  When decisions need to be made by LSYC as a whole (example: membership on the logistics team, mission statement, structure proposal), the decision will be made by a supermajority of 2/3rds of the group.


LSYC has three group meetings, taking place on-line, each year.  Additional meetings can be scheduled if necessary. All business of LSYC as a whole takes place during these on-line meeings.  There is no quorum requirement except that one representative of each committee must be in attendance. All members are welcome to attend.

LSYC also organizes meetings at ALA Annual & ALA Midwinter.  Because only a small percentage of LSYC members can attend these conferences, conference meetings are a time for networking, mentoring, and skill-sharing, not for organizational business.  Anyone, whether or not they are a member of LSYC, may attend these meetings.  LSYC members are also welcome to organize similar networking time during other related conferences, but must notify the Logistics Team of the meeting to allow for tracking of LSYC activities.

The LSYC Logistics Team meets every 4 weeks throughout the year, and as needed to coordinate LSYC business.  Only the currently selected members of the logistics team may attend these meetings.

Each committee may determine amongst their membership how often they will meet and whether or not membership in the committee is required to attend the meeting.


A member of LSYC is defined as anyone who has completed the online membership form.  At this time, no dues or fees are required for membership nor is any specific time commitment, committee work, or conference attendance required. The only commitment that members make is that they will not use the LSYC website, resources, or name for any work that is in significant conflict with LSYC's mission.  Members may request to be removed from the membership roster at any time; once removed, members will need to resubmit the online membership form to be reinstated.

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