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LSYC Progam Proposal

All major decisions, new committees, and initiatives in LSYC need to go through the proposal process.  The procedure is designed to ensure that all ideas get a voice, that LSYC members have enough information to make good decisions for the future of LSYC, and that decision making is in the hands of the general membership rather than a leadership team.   The following is the current LSYC proposal procedure.

1) LSYC member(s) writes up a proposal for a decision, new committee, program, etc.  The proposal need not be in any specific format or be written in a formal manner, but they must outline what actions are being proposed, who will take on responsibility for those actions, and what the desired outcomes will be.

2) LSYC member(s) submit the proposal to the logistics team proposal coordinator, Anna Cvitkovic. Proposals may be submitted at any time, but proposals submitted less than 2 weeks before a General Membership meeting will be postponed until the next General Membership meeting to allow members to examine the proposal.

3) The logistics team will post the proposal to the current proposals section of the LSYC organizational work page and sent out to yalsa-lockdown. In addition, a new discussion forum will be created for members to discuss the proposal.

4) At the general membership meeting, the proposing member(s) will have an opportunity to present the proposal, the membership will discuss and a vote will be taken. The majority of members must agree to the proposal for it to be passed.

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