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Logistics Team

The logistics team is responsible for coordinating the activities of LSYC as a whole.  They organize General Membership meetings, plan meetings at major conferences, and handle any pressing issues that are not covered by any other committee.  They meet monthly and the team will be looking for new members as of July 1st.  Members of the Logistics team must be approved by the LSYC membership as a whole, serve 1-2 year terms, and may be selected for multiple terms.

Logistics Team Members:

Joe Coyle (University of Illinios)
Anna Cvitkovic (San Francisco Public Library)
Kathleen Houlihan (Austin Public Library)
Laura Koenig (Boston Public Library)
Camden Tadhg (Colorado State Library)

Current Membership Report

Financial Reports:

Winter 2013 Report
Summer 2013 Report

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