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College Student Program [Alameda County Juvenile Hall]

Report from Amy Cheney:

From Summer Session of May 2011 to August 2012, we have had 10 college students & a total of 21 classes taken.

Pseudonyms# of ClassesGrades

The D's are a result of students not understanding the importance of GPA, the high expectations we have for them as well as one student being in a bit over his head (not to mention ourselves) the first college sessions. We believe we have rectified these issues. The incomplete is due to the student leaving the facility and not continuing his classes.

Here are some quotes from their Thank You Letters:

"During this class I have learned how to read movies and noticed discrimination within them. (...) My favorite movie of them all "Quincenera" because of the fact it showed me that everyone, not all color but groups are discriminated with prejudice. In the film there was a homosexual man who wasn't accepted by his family and his younger cousin was pregnant at the age of 14. The message was to overachieve through any obstacles and to not listen to stereotypes and criticism." -- F.L.

"This has made me feel less limited because of my situation. It is one of the main reasons I refuse to become a victim of circumstances. I thank everyone again - because it is tremendous for me to be able to further my college education, for education is the key to success. (...) This is about not letting where I am dictate who I am and who I become." -- M.H.

"Words can't describe the feeling I felt when I received an A on my first assignment. This made me want to shout out for joy and just hug somebody. The thingsĀ  that you are doing for us makes me want to hug you all in appreciation. (...) This college experience has really opened up my eyes and expanded my mind and has taught me that I can be anything I want to be in the world: you just have to be determined and motivated, and with you guy's help I have had both qualities." -- P.H.

"I don't know my grade yet, but I tried hard to make us proud..." -- W.M.

"You've played a big role in me furthering my education and not giving up on myself because of the place I am in. I have learned to prioritize and get my work done before anything else because of the restrictions and time limits I am given. These qualities will stick with me for the rest of my life. Thanks for all the help, it was much needed and much appreciated." -- Z.Y.

"I really needed some type of inspiration to keep me going and I didn't know what or who it was going to be, either my family or something that would push me towards the right path. You all have given me the inspiration and focus to get back into society and strive for the right path and a successful life. I will never forget what you have done for me." -- D.U.

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