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Collection Development Resources

Check out our Book List Database for great book ideas!

Booklist Reluctant Reader Webinar:

The Brown Bookshelf:
"The Brown Book Shelf is designed to push awareness of the myriad of African American voices writing for young readers."

Parking Lot: Resources for Street Literature:
A list of online resources about urban fiction/street lit, including websites for the latest titles and ebooks.

Street Fiction - Urban Teen Reviews:

Townsend Press - Bluford High Series: (reduced prices for non profits)

What's Good in the Library? Passages Academy, NY Book Blog:
"We are the library team at Passages Academy, the New York City Department of Education school for incarcerated and detained youth. Our goal is to build a culture of literacy at our school in a variety of ways, including talking more about what we're reading and what we're teaching, and how students respond to these materials."

Hennepin County Book Lists:

Hennepin County Library Juvenile Detention Center Purchases

HCL County Home School AR List

HCL County Home School Booktalk List (Sept 2011-May 2012, Fiction)

HCL County Home School Booktalk List (Sept 2011-May 2012, Graphic Novels)

HCL County Home School Booktalk List (Sept 2011-May 2012, Nonfiction)

HCL Growing Up African American

HCL Growing Up Attending an Alternative School

HCL Growing Up Behind Bars

HCL Growing Up Female in Hard Times

HCL Growing Up in a Foster Home

HCL Growing Up Homeless

HCL Growing Up in Poverty

HCL Growing Up in a Violent Relationship

HCL Growing Up Latino

HCL Growing Up Native American

HCL Growing Up Surviving Sexual Violence

HCL Growing Up Too Soon: Pregnant and Parenting Teens

HCL Growing Up Under the Influence

HCL Positive Reads for Hard Times

HCL Top Titles for Teens in Corrections




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