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Brown County Juvenile Detention Center

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Hi, Gordon. That was certainly soemthing I was warned to expect when I first started working in a prison setting. There were a few inmates who asked for things, but I made it pretty clear from the start that their requests would get nowhere with me. That would be a really quick way to lose a job! I really made an effort to expect to see the inmates as innocent and truly desiring to express their innate integrity. I was also deeply committed to the work I was doing and put in lots of extra hours, etc., so I think the guys had a sense that I was already giving a lot and somehow didn't want to abuse that generosity. But as for whether the audiences are really interested in the spiritual message I've been sharing lately at juvenile detention and rehab centers, that's an important question I've been considering. I do sometimes struggle with wondering if they really care about what I'm saying, but I try to focus simply on loving them and trusting that they will get what they need from the visit, even if it is soemthing that does not resonate with them at the moment but comes to mind later. Or even if it's just that feeling of being loved and cared for. I would be extremely grateful even if they felt a hint of that as a start. |

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