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After careful consideration and heated debate, the In the Margins (ITM) committee has selected its best fiction and nonfiction, and our Social Justice Advocacy Award winners for 2016. http://youthlibraries.org/2016-margins-book-award-and-selection-committee 

We are thrilled to announce our top ten selections http://youthlibraries.org/2016-margins-top-ten , as well as our official 2016 Fiction  http://youthlibraries.org/2016-margins-official-list-fiction and 2016 Non-Fiction http://youthlibraries.org/2016-margins-official-list-nonfiction  lists.

The work of the committee was announced in School Library Journal. http://www.slj.com/2016/03/books-media/the-2016-in-the-margins-book-awards-are-unveiled/ . We are confident our selections will get your kids living in the margins reading! 

Library Services for Youth in Custody (LSYC) is an organization serving the needs of and advocating for those who provide library services for youth in custody, which would include, at the least, incarcerated/detained/committed youth in both juvenile & adult settings in municipal, county, local, state, or federal facilities, including ICE detention centers and youth in secure mental health or rehab settings, and might also include at-risk youth in other forms of group housing or government custody. All across America, youth are incarcerated or detained with little or no access to high-interest, culturally relevant library materials or engaging programming. Research has shown that free and independent reading is the number one tool to improve literacy, a vital component to reducing recidivism. Because youth come from and will return to all communities, library services for these youth are vital to everyone. This site is designed to share best practices and facilitate networking between people providing library services to incarcerated and detained youth and to encourage everyone to promote and support high quality library services to incarcerated youth in their communities. For more information about LYSC, please see What is LSYC?

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