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2011 JDC Agreement MPS Final

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2010 - 2011 AGREEMENT BETWEEN Hennepin County Library AND



Hennepin County Library through this agreement provides library services to the Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center in cooperation with Minneapolis Public Schools' Stadium View. Hennepin County Library Board Policy on SERVICES TO GROUPS & INDIVIDUALS WITH RESTRICTED LIBRARY ACCESS addresses provision of services to populations who are unable to travel to the Library, including those in detention facilities. The Library’s Outreach Library is responsible for working with the Juvenile Detention Center and Stadium View staff to assure access to library materials and services for Center residents, in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the Library, JDC, and Stadium View. The Library, the JDC, and Stadium View school recognize the educational and recreational needs of library users in institutional settings, as well as the residents’ right to information.

This agreement is to run from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Core Services:

  1. Beginning on or about 1 September 2010, the Library's services at JDC will change focus on Out of School Time reading and programming. Minneapolis Public School's Stadium View will take responsibility for providing library service to JDC residents during the school day / year. A separate service agreement is signed with Juvenile Detention Center covering library services to residents during non-school hours.

  2. To create a Stadium View school library, the Outreach Library will loan Stadium View materials currently housed at the Juvenile Detention Center. Materials to be used in the Stadium View school library will be identified with a unique sticker or similar.

  3. Stadium View staff and volunteers will maintain this school library. Stadium View staff will organize collection, and develop signage and procedures, consulting with Outreach staff as needed. A small library will remain in the room in the gym for Out of School Time reading.

  4. Students may request books through Stadium View teachers which are appropriate for use in the 5th Floor library. Stadium View staff will contact Outreach to provide materials. Every other Wednesday, HCL ships materials to JDC, which can then be distributed to students.

  5. Stadium View staff can request from HCL materials (books, DVDs, etc) to support instruction, including a classroom sets of titles.



  1. Working with Transition Specialist, HCL can arrange for new library cards for JDC residents / waiving of previous fines and fees. As part of applying for a card, residents must also complete a survey about their literacy experience within JDC..

  2. As part of the new JDC library, an early literacy area may be established. This area will complement the Read to Me program and the JDC Lobby project. HCL will expand the "Read to Me parent literacy" program to JDC. In two hour workshop librarians and volunteers teach participants about the importance of reading to their early literacy skills, such as how to read to their children. At the end, participants are recorded reading a book. The book and recording will then be mailed home by HCL to the child.

  3. HCL can support bookclubs at JDC by providing multiple copies of titles or by using the Book Club in a Bag program. HCL will apply for funding for other book clubs. Paid HCL can not run this or any other book club at this time / without funding.

  4. HCL and Stadium view may host a visit by a nationally known author who writes books which appeal to urban teens. HCL will provide a copy of the author's books for each resident, and Stadium View teachers will prepare students for the visit.

  5. The Library and JDC may expand the HCL network to allow for filtered Internet searching Once this occurs, a hands-on workshop on using the HCL's electronic resources to find information for school success will take place on a regular basis in the JDC library.

  6. Once the network expands, the Library will provide a hands-on workshop for residents about how to locate job information

  7. HCL, working with the Library Foundation of Hennepin County, may publish a literary magazine for JDC student writings. Students will submit writing and art for publication, which is vetted by JDC and/or Stadium View staff for inappropriate content. The finished publication will be distributed widely, with student authors receiving multiplies copies, as well as copies for other students, JDC and Stadium View staff, and stakeholders. HCL can fund printing, but no other costs. All other tasks, such as creative writing workshops, recruiting for submission, preparing materials, and vetting for publication would be the responsibility of JDC / Stadium View staff, not library staff.

  8. All programs require outcome evaluation. HCL will work with JDC and Stadium View staff to develop evaluation instruments.


  1. Stadium View, JDC, and Library staff will meet at least twice a year to discuss issues related to library service at JDC


The following Library Staff acknowledge their responsibilities for implementing and managing this agreement.


Patrick Jones, Senior Librarian, Outreach Services Date


The following Stadium View staff acknowledge their responsibilities for implementing and managing this agreement.


Lawrence Lucio Principal, Stadium View School Date


Lia Venchi Teacher, Stadium View School Date


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