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2010-2011 Plan Hennepin County Library & Epsilon Program

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Hennepin County Library / Epsilon program 2010 - 2011 school year plan

The Hennepin County Library offers its award-winning Great Transitions to the Hennepin County Home School as collaboration between District 287, Hennepin County Community Corrections, and the Outreach Library. Great Transitions provides literacy and library-related programming for students during their incarceration at the Hennepin County Home School. Surveys from residents indicate increased amounts of reading, improved attitudes about reading, and better self-concept as readers as a results of Great Transitions.






Student book requests

Students may request books through their Language Arts teachers. These requests are given to an educational assistant who then contacts the Library. Every Thursday, the Library ships requested books to CHS to be distributed to students. The Library will not send any books which CHS and Epsilon staff believe present a threat to the security of the institution and/or the advancement of treatment programs. If CHS and Epsilon staff object to materials sent by the library, there is a reconsideration process for them to follow.

Ongoing, starting September 7



Books for students in Cottage 4 will continue be given to County staff who will distribute / monitor book requests. Library staff will work with Cottage 4 staff to learn why books are inappropriate. CHS staff will work with cottage staff to ensure that library materials do not leave grounds, or inappropriate books do not come on grounds after home visits.

Diverse City

The Library has published an annual literary magazine entitled Diverse City.


Hennepin Count Library may be able to secure funding to print a literary magazine, however, there is no funding for any costs related to editing or putting magazine together.


As part of the TLC program, each student went to HCL Central Library where they receive a new library card, a waiver for any old library fines, a tour of the building, and fill out a survey. Due to changes in TLC, this is not happening.


Library staff will work with the transition specialist / school counselor to find solution.

Library @ CHS

The Outreach Department maintains a library on site at the CHS. The library has over 5,000 books that are a mix of fiction and nonfiction. Library staff visit CHS once a month during the school day as part of Language Arts classes. This is a book only collection; magazines are delivered to each CHS cottage from the library on a monthly basis. The Library will not contain any books which CHS and Epsilon staff are inappropriate. If CHS and Epsilon staff object to materials housed in the library, there is a reconsideration process for them to follow.

Monthly, beginning September 18



Dates for 2011 are

  • January 21

  • February 18

  • March 18

  • April 15

  • May 13

  • June 30

  • July 28



Booktalks are short advertisements for books of interest to students. Librarians schedule the visits directly with one of the Language Arts teachers and then talk titles from a list during one school day. Residents request titles from the booktalks, which are then delivered to the school to distribute to students.

Monthly, beginning September 2010


First date will in October. Booktalkers will work with Julia Berry to schedule visit

Other support

Teachers may request materials (books, DVDs, audio books) to support their instruction directly from the library. The library can often provide classroom sets of titles. The library can also provide on using the Library's Teen Links electronic resources to find information on the library's web site, although students do not have Internet access normally to directly apply the teaching.

As needed


Cottage collections

The Library sends to cottages a monthly collection of new materials; some cottages at do not receive magazines.

Monthly and ongoing

Library will continue to weed cottage collections at least twice a year

Read to Me

The library has funding to conduct a Read to Me early literacy program at CHS. In the past, this program has been done in the cottages in the summer with Girls and Father's Group. This may need to move into school day.


If funded by the Library Foundation, this program will take place in classrooms during school day.

Author Visit

Award winning author Coe Booth will visit County Home School to speak with students.

May 3

No cost to CHS; Library is picking up funding ($1500)


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