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12 Titles Unique to ITM 2014 List

12 titles unique to In the Margins 2014 List 

(Not on any other award or nomination list that we surveyed)

* Denotes on our TOP TEN

Gagnon, Michelle. Don’t Turn Around. HarperCollins. July 2013. 320p. PB $9.99 ISBN 9780062102911, HC $17.99. ISBN 9780062102904. If you run, they will find you.

Greene, Robert and 50 Cent. 50th Law. Smarter Comics. October 2012. 80p. PB $14.95. ISBN 9781610820066. Keys to power and words of wisdom.

Jacobs, John Hornor. The Twelve­Fingered Boy.Carolrhoda Books.February 2013. 280p. HC $17.95. ISBN 9780761390077. Jack's hands aren't the only things that hold secrets.

Johnson, Albert. H.N.I.C. Infamous Books. July 2013.128p. PB $11.95 ISBN 9781617752322, HC $19.95 ISBN 9781617752360. Will Black let Pappy get out alive?

*Jones, Marilyn Denise. From Crack to College and Vice Versa. Marilyn D. Jones. May 2013. 144p. PB $14.95. ISBN 9780989427401. The title says it all.

Kowalski, William. Just Gone. Raven Books. September 2013. 128p. PB $9.95 ISBN 9781459803275. Is someone or something mysterious taking care of homeless youth?

Langan, Paul. Promises to Keep. Townsend Press. January 2013. 151p. PB $5.95. ISBN 9781591943037. Keeping his promise just might save his life.

*Rivera, Jeff. No Matter What. CreateSpace. October 2013. 112p. PB $5.38. ISBN 9781493544141. Will Jennifer wait for Dio? Will Dio get it together?

*Ryan, Darlene. Pieces of Me. Orca. September 2012. 240p. PB $12.95. ISBN 9781459800809. Maddie knows how to survive on the streets alone, but when an abandoned child comes into her care, the rules Maddie has lived by start to change.

Shantz­Hilkes, Chloe (ed.). Hooked: When Addiction Hits Home. Annick Press. March 2013. 120p. PB $12.95. 9781554514748, HC $21.95. ISBN 9781554514755. Living with addiction can be just as painful as suffering from one.

Stella, Leslie. Permanent Record. Skyscape. March 2013. 282p. HC $17.99. ISBN 9781477816394. New School. Will Badi revert to his destructive ways?

Youth Communications. Rage: True Stories by Teens About Anger. Free Spirit. July 2013. 176p. PB $11.99 ISBN 9781575424149. Manage your anger, create a life of control and a future with possibilities.


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